Virtual Live Auction, Hybrid Auction, and In-Person Auction Specialists

Virtual events with KILBREATH AUCTIONS continue to exceed expectations, and shatter fundraising goals.

Watch Stephen Kilbreath in action and imagine him engaging your audience to raise the most possible money for your organization!

Leaving your audience bored and not engaged is also leaving their donations in their wallets.

Working with us can help you:

  • Make your event memorable

  • Raise more money

  • Utilize the latest fundraising strategies

Remember 85% of what you raise depends on what you do BEFORE the auction.

Many organizations continue to run their own events without professional help. They also continue to raise far less than their potential.

If you believe in your cause you want it to do as much good as possible – make it happen by hiring professional auctioneers and consulting.

Most of the money raised in benefit auctions is because of what you do before the event even happens

We love to share ideas and would be happy to provide you a free consultation of your current fundraising plans.

Step One

Call and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation

Step Two

During your no-obligation consultation we’ll help you envision success for your event

Step Three

If both parties feel it’s a good fit, book your auction and we’ll work together to have a record breaking year for your event!

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