Fundraising Auction Specialists

KILBREATH AUCTIONS consistently exceeds expectations, and shatters fundraising goals.

Watch Stephen Kilbreath in action and imagine him engaging your audience to raise the most possible money for your organization!

Working with us can help you:

  • Make your event memorable

  • Raise more money

  • Utilize the latest fundraising strategies


If you don’t think it matters what auction team you hire… You should talk to our clients!  It ABSOLUTELY matters, and that decision will earn you more money at your event!


Leaving your audience bored and not engaged is also leaving their donations in their wallets.


Many organizations continue to run their own events without professional help, or with no or low-cost auction teams. They also continue to raise far less than their potential.

As fundraising auction specialists we are here to be a valuable resource of information.  So many aspects go into creating the perfect event – and that starts with hiring professionals.

Most of the money raised in benefit auctions is because of what you do before the event even happens!

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