Continuing in the series of planning an auction!  Yes, you need to start doing things 12 months out!  If you missed part 1 & 2, you can click on the link below!



  • Time for everyone on the committee to know their role, and for committee leaders to start developing plans and assign tasks.
  • Make sure your sponsorships and underwriting are meeting your event goals.
  • Save-The-Date cards should be mailed out, and invitations should be in the design stage.
  • Review marketing plan on how you are going to get the RIGHT people at your event.  If you haven’t already, develop a website specifically dedicated to your fundraising event.
  • In addition to a website – start promoting your event through social media.  You can even create a hash-tag specifically dedicated to your fundraising event.
  • Go through your current procurement – and discuss with your auctioneer what is needed to round out your auction.  Pick items specifically designed for your crowd.  Also – set a procurement deadline.
  • IMPORTANT – Begin brainstorming your mission and goal for your Special Appeal.  Are you doing a video?  Are you having a speaker?  Work with your auctioneer to determine how will achieve your goal.
  • All the logistics of your event should be worked out – it is now down to the details.
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