• The final push to get people registered for your event.  Continue with your marketing plan.  Highlight special auction items, and your Special Appeal need in email correspondence and through Social Media.
  • Finalize the silent auction and live auction.  Using thoughtful discussions to pick which items will be best for your audience.
  • Finalize the catalog, and get it printed.
  • Create a power-point presentation for your live auction items.
  • Have a meeting with MC (item reader) and auctioneer.  The event can be more successful with them having a good working relationship.  Make sure both understand why money is being raised, and also things such as timelines, and name pronounciations.
  • Finalize all aspects of the Special Appeal, including speaker, video, fundraising goals, etc.
  • Make sure you have live auction invoices, and silent auction bid sheets.
  • Are the volunteers trained on their jobs at your event?  This is crucial as the volunteers are representing your organization at this event, and they need to be educated on what their role is.
  • Meet with the auctioneer to go over timeline, and make sure they have more information about items, guests, etc. than they need.
  • Make display boards for silent auction items, and revenue enhancers
  • Assign guests to tables, and assign bid numbers to guests.  Also, get bidder packets ready for the night of your event.
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