Sometimes the cost of a professional auctioneer can be daunting.  However, a pro will usually make back their fee with just one idea at a pre-planning meeting.  If you aren’t getting fresh ideas and consulting from your auctioneer… you need a new auctioneer.  Even if you an event planner / consultant working with your group, you still need input from your auctioneer, and your auctioneer needs input from you.  There are LOTS of things you should EXPECT from your professional benefit auctioneer.  Here are just three of those things…

The professional auctioneer you hire for your fundraising event should…

  • Know what they are raising money for!  The auctioneer should have enough knowledge about your organization to be able to talk about your group throughout the live auction.  If your auctioneer isn’t visiting your location, or hasn’t offered to attended a board meeting, or hasn’t asked questions about what the money raised is being used for… you need a new auctioneer.
  • Be introduced at the event. For years I didn’t do this… but I have learned it is an important part of the auction.  An executive director or PTA president introducing the auctioneer with a hand-shake on stage is an endorsement of the auctioneer.
  • Be at your event before doors open. I have heard stories about auctioneers who come to just call the auction.  That means they haven’t put the time in to get to know your group.  I am always at the auction about an hour before doors open.  You should have all of the details (timeline, sound check, etc.) done before any guests arrive.