Music is something that triggers emotions, so why not use it during your live auction?  Even hearing a 10 second clip of a song can bring back positive memories or feelings which we can turn into higher bids, and a good time for your audience.

How about a song for each item in the live auction?

  • Seahawks tickets – How about Bitter Sweet Symphony (the song the Seahawks come out to at Century Link Field.)
  • A trip to Hawaii – How about No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem, or Toes
  • A car?  – How about Drive My Car, or I Can’t Drive 55

You get the idea, it can be fun and the crowd can get emotionally involved with your item.  You certainly don’t need to do it for every item… but it is something fun to consider.  If you need help matching songs with items… let me know!  With my radio background, that is something I love doing!

Not everyone can have Kenny Loggins at their auction, like a recent event did in Tacoma.  However, you can make your auction a rockin’ time with some bumper music for your live auction items.