Making sure you have the right auction team for your event is the number 1 most important decision you will make for your benefit auction.  Number 2 on that list?  Proper sound and lighting.  It doesn’t matter who your auctioneer is, if your guests can’t hear them – they will not be engaged.  If they are not engaged – they will not spend money.  If they don’t spend money – you will not have a successful event.

I encourage all my clients to find out what other groups have done for sound in their chosen venue.  They find that most groups bring in a sound company, even if the venue has built-in sound.   If the speakers are embedded into the ceiling – you need a professional sound company.  If they don’t have proper microphones – you need a professional sound company.  If they just offer a podium mic – you need a professional sound company.  The fee is well worth it.  Guests may not remember your silent auction, your theme, what the centerpieces were – but they will remember a bad sounding event.

I think it is also important to review your sound and lighting contract with your auctioneer, to make sure everything is covered – and you aren’t being overcharged.  We do a full review of contracts and can let you know if you are getting everything you need to get your event looking, and sounding great.

Also, my friends at SOUND & SIGHT work exclusively with Stephen Kilbreath Auctions & Events and can help if you have any sound or lighting questions.

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