Whether you have a dessert dash or are doing a dessert auction, it is always fun to see the creativity people use when making desserts for the event.  Now, I have learned not take bites of them, but sometimes it’s hard especially when they are as creative as this one from an event a few years ago for the American Cancer Society.  Brownies as meat patties, marshmallows as popcorn, and chocolate mousse as ice cream.  I wanted a bite of each one.  It’s fun to think outside of the box, and pick desserts that relate to theme, or your organization.  You can make a lot of money selling desserts, and we have a lot of great ideas to increase the value of your dessert dash, or dIMG_20130509_180119_881essert auction.

They also had a tray of hamburgers and fries, except they were cakes!

Check out our Facebook gallery of great dessert dash’s and ideas.

Before I tell you two ideas that will increase money on your DESSERT DASH, I should tell you what a DESSERT DASH is!  At your event you have a table full of desserts.  You need one dessert for each table of guests.  They are on display so the guests can see all the great desserts, and decide which one they want.  At their table, each guest writes down on a bid sheet how much they will contribute toward dessert.  The table that raises the most money collectively gets their first choice of dessert at the time desserts are served.  At dessert time the top bidding table gets to go pick out their dessert, and so on.


TIP #1 – Pre-fill your guests bid numbers.  Instead of just a blank form – put their bid numbers on the form, so all they have to do is write down an amount.  It also puts a little more pressure on your table mates to make bids and contribute to the Dash.

TIP #2 – Asks guests to write down unconventional numbers.  Instead of $50, how about $51.37.  We actually make more each auction as people do this to help break ties when we read the order of the winning tables.

TWO OBVIOUS THINGS – Make sure the table number is on the DESSERT DASH bid form, and make sure there is a line for the total.

Use this form as a template for your Dessert Dash… You can also see how both tips are incorporated on the form.


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