Volunteers are one of the keys to a successful event.  But how do you get the right people in the right roles at your event?  I recently held a seminar for Greater Giving and discussed the best ways to Maximize Your Benefit Auction.  One of the things we talked about was not only how to use your volunteers, but get the most out of them.  Here is a screenshot from the part of our chat on volunteers.


Also, give volunteers an opportunity to give… most of them want to give, that is why they are giving their time.  They also think they can’t afford during your event.  That may be true… but how cool would it be for auctioneer to say during the Paddle Raise/Special Appeal to say… “Our volunteers collectively generously donated $1,000.”  It is a way to honor and recognize them for their hard work and dedication.

At Stephen Kilbreath Auctions and Events we also provide volunteer training.  And consultation on what volunteers you need for you event.


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