Ahhh yes, it’s an old classic – The Wine Grab.  It’s where your guests pay a certain amount and win a wrapped bottle of wine that may or may not be at the value they just paid.  It’s fun and often times they sell out quickly.  Why?  Because they are at a price point that everyone can afford, and who doesn’t want to leave with something… even if it is a bottle of wine.

We now see so many variations of this popular game:

  • Wine Pull
  • Wine Ring Toss
  • Putt For Wine
  • Wine Bingo
  • Cork Pull
  • Mystery Wine
  • Wine Wall
  • Plinko
  • Wine Cooler Treasure Chest

Wine Grab - Wine Wheel

And of course – The Wine Wheel.  It’s a chance for your guests to “Spin to Win!” You can see the wheel in this picture.  This client was charging $50 a spin.  On the table next to the wheel was a bottle of wine or a spirit next to a number.  If the guest landed on #1, they got the bottle that was on the #1 spot.  After #1 was gone they added another bottle, and so on.  The good thing is they were able to add new bottles as people won.  In fact, they added a $200+ bottle of Dom Perignon about half way through, which encouraged people to spin again, increasing their revenue on the Wine Wheel.  This wheel is available to our clients on a first come first serve basis free of charge!  You can decorate it any way you want.  Let us know if you have any further questions regarding the wine wheel, any other wine games, or other revenue enhancers for your event.