We get to work with some amazing non-profit organizations.  From time to time we are going to highlight some of those organizations and the amazing work they do.  The best part of our job is raising much needed funds for great organizations like:

Zeno is about the infinite possibilities that arise from an individual’s relationship with math. The name ‘Zeno’ honors Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea – one of the first people to talk about the concept of infinity. We believe that when math is engaging, fun and accessible it can have a transformational impact on a person’s life.

Every child deserves to be great at math. It is the foundation for a lifetime of learning. But not all kids have access to the same opportunities to develop competence and confidence in math early in life. This creates an opportunity gap that is leaving some students behind. If we can step in and encourage a love for math early in a child’s life, everything can change.

In 2016-2017, Zeno served over 2,000 kids and the adults in their lives, including:

  • 500 families in 17 classrooms and 5 home visit programs through our MathWays for Early Learning program
  • 600 kids and their family members at 5 Family Math Night events
  • 800 kids and their family members at Math & Science Mashup events in partnership with the Pacific Science Center
  • 500 kids and their family members at 2 MathFest events

In addition, families and educators participating in Zeno programs saw a positive impact on the children in their lives:

“Going to MathFest showed our kids that everyone can have fun with math. It also made them see that math is more than manipulating numbers…I had to promised I’d put the next one on our calendar to get the kids to leave!” – Parent after attending MathFest

“When I told families about the partnership, they were so thrilled. Just seeing their smiles and excitement about receiving math games for the home was so exciting!” – Pre-K classroom teacher participating in MathWays for Early Learning



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