Who knew there was a week for Auctioneers!  I suppose I should have known, since there is a week for everything.

  • National Hand-Writing Analysis Week (it’s in January)
  • International Flirting Week (it’s in February)
  • National Pancake Week (it’s in March)
  • National Karaoke Week (it’s in April)
  • National Etiquette Week (it’s in May)
    • maybe we should pay attention to this one!
  • National Cheese Week (it’s in June)
  • Air Condition Appreciation Week (it’s in July)

You get the idea!  But it is kind of cool to have a week for the industry.  I am a proud member of the NAA, and the WAA.


I am also a certified BAS (Benefit Auction Specialist) Auctioneer.  What does that mean?  It is a professional designation awarded by the NAA Education Institute.  It means I am up-to-date on the latest trends in fundraising auctions.

Look for my hashtags on Social Media:

  • #kilbreathauctions
  • #naapro
  • #auctionswork
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