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GFS Events raises more money for your nonprofit by creating, managing and executing a successful fundraising event.


As a nonprofit, you are short on time, money and staff.  You have aggressive fundraising goals but don’t know how to achieve them because you have a short list of dedicated, albeit overworked, volunteers and/or staff.  Perhaps you have brand new staff or board members who are not familiar with your donors or are just new to fundraising in general.  Maybe your fundraising efforts have plateaued in recent years and you just don’t know how to reach that next level.

GFS Events creates timelines, offers procurement assistance, reaches out to sponsors, produces job descriptions for volunteers and manages the day of event details so that you can connect with your donors and guests and cultivate those relationships which will lead to higher dollars for your event. Your guests, donors and sponsors will thank you for running a well-executed event.  Your board members will thank you for raising the dollars you need to achieve your mission.

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At Stephen Kilbreath Auctions & Events we have worked with GFS Events several times.  What I like about Gazala and her management of events is that she incorporates the clients ideas, her ideas, and the auctioneer’s ideas to create a magical event for her clients.  GFS Events is very easy to work with, and you will see increased revenue…

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