I am always amazed at the generosity of people who attend fundraisers.  Every auction we conducted in the Spring and Summer of 2018 saw increased revenue …. EVERY ONE!  According to Giving USA Americans gave $410.02 Billion to charity in 2017, crossing the $400 Billion mark for the first time.


It doesn’t seem like it is slowing down at all for the fall auction season.  The other night our auction for Evergreen Health Foundation saw a huge increase, and they had their biggest night ever, with fewer people, and fewer items.  We can talk about that strategy too.  Less is actually more.  More people and more items – does not mean MORE MONEY!


This Tom Petty signed guitar sold for 700% of value.  WOW!  The item just took off, earning thousands for the Foundation.


We would love to help you increase revenue at your next benefit auction.  We are ready to make a strategic plan to get more out of your guests.  Let’s chat and get those bid cards HIGH IN THE AIR!  206-963-7148 … stephen@yourbenefitauction.com