Is a Professional Auctioneer Necessary?


Well, you know how I am going to answer that question.  The proof is in every event we do.  85% of what professional auctioneers do, is before they hit the stage.  With all the great fundraising ideas they present to you during consulting sessions.  I know that I will have at least one idea, that if executed well, will make my fee back, and much more for the client.  There is something that a trained Benefit Auctioneer Specialist brings to the auction – experience and training to get the most out of guests.

Yes, a PTA mom, or a board president can do 100-200-300-400 sold, but someone trained in fundraising can get an extra one or two hundred dollars out of that bidder.  No matter the size of the auction – the trained auctioneer can read the crowd, get additional dollars out of a donor – and best yet – make them feel good about their donation!

According to the National Auctioneers Association – a professional fundraising auctioneer typically generates 30-40% more than the un-trained low-cost or no cost or volunteer auctioneer.

Hire a pro!

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  1. You made a great point that professional auctioneers know how to read the crowd and sell items for more money. One of my friends is very involved with the community, so this article may help her is she has a charity auction. What are some important qualities she should look for in an auctioneer?

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