#1 – Bumper Music

  • It is great to have “bumper” music during your live auction.  When the item reader says, “Item #1 is a wine basket.”  The DJ can then play 10, or so, seconds of “Red Red Wine.”  Music creates emotional reactions for your guests, it may actually inspire higher bidding.

Curt Kruse from STAR 101.5 (exclusive DJ for Kilbreath Auctions)

#2 – Situational Music

  • You never know when you are going to need a certain song.  I was recently conducting an auction with a rock-n-roll theme.  At certain points during the night, I stopped and had the DJ play a song… For example, I had all the guests dressed up in their Guns N’ Roses clothes come up on stage for a selfie.  The DJ played, “Welcome to the Jungle.”  We did it for several bands that were represented.  Like I said, you never know when you are going to need a song to be played.

#3 – Supplemental Sound

  • It is always good to have “all hands on deck.”  A DJ’s set-up can actually help supplement the sound you are using at the venue.  Often times DJ’s will have extra mics or extra cords or other things to help with your event.  Plus they can often provide the whole sound system for your event, in addition to serving as event DJ.

#4 – Lighting

  • Often times DJ’s will have up-lighting or other stage lights within their set ups.  They can use this to enhance the lighting in your auction room.  It is amazing what just a little extra lighting, with different colors can do.

#5 – Event Item Reader / MC

  • A good DJ is one that can also serve as an MC.  They typically have a personality that can work well with your auctioneer.  If you don’t have someone reading the item descriptions during your live auction, you should.  If you hire a trained auction sound person / DJ like CURT KRUSE you can get someone who understands all of these roles.
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