We work with a couple of different vacation and experience companies to get you the best items for your live auction.  Not every auction will need the extra items, but for those that do I would recommend Silent & Live Auction Vacations.  They have always been great to work with and have affordable options for clients looking for that special extra item.

To learn more email stephen@yourbenefitauction.com, or call 206-963-7148


10 Reason’s to make Silent and Live Auction Vacations your go-to place to add destination packages to your fundraising event

What they offer:

  1. 7 Night Resort Condo’s
  2. You can sell multiples of any of our packages
  3. 5 Star Luxury Hotels
  4. All on consignment If they don’t sell throw away. You pay nothing
  5. No pre-set blackout dates
  6. 18 Months to travel
  7. Concierge service that will work closely with all winners
  8. HD Videos to help sell the packages on our 5-star Hotel destinations
  9. Can Sell in Live, Silent or Buy It Now table
  10. Destination packages ranging from $675.00 – $5500.00

Consignment vacation packages from Silent Auction Vacations may be the easiest items that you offer in your next silent or live auction. There is no collecting donated items, no heavy framed items to handle, and no fear of damaging a consigned, or worse a sold item. With our vacations you just print it, display it and profit from it. All of this with no risk for your organization.

You can select your trips weeks in advance and advertise them long before your event, or add them last-minute to complete your auction. The process is really that simple.

To learn more email stephen@yourbenefitauction.com, or call 206-963-7148

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