At Kilbreath Auctions we can help get you the best items for your live auction.  Sometimes you need additional experience or vacation packages that you just can’t seem to get on you own.  That is where companies like Winspire can help.  Winspire is one of the companies we recommend for excellent high-end travel packages and experiences.

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Why Winspire?

Winspire gives you powerful tools to find the best priceless Experiences to sell at your next fundraising auction with no risk, and a simple redemption process for your Winning Bidders.


Priceless Experiences

We build and fulfill the largest selection of unique Experiences for use in your charity auction or raffle. Our Experiences are priceless and difficult to value, so bidders will pay top dollar to win them. This not only increases your fundraising dollars, but also creates the kind of “buzz” that drives up bidding on other items, leaving a good impression on your donors.


Professional Event Consultation & Advice

Winspire is staffed with Nonprofit fundraising and event professionals who have extensive experience in event production, auction management and support services. We know what charity auction patrons want and we know how to deliver it. Your designated Fundraising Specialist will be able to provide you with valuable advice on how to maximize your fundraising revenue and run a successful event.


When the Event is Over, You’re Done!

With a Winspire Booking & Concierge Service included on all our Experiences, we take care of everything the Winning Bidder needs following your event. When they are ready to redeem their trip, Winning Bidders simply follow the steps outlined on their Booking Voucher. Our team of travel professionals will take it from there, handling reservations and booking the Experience down to every last detail.


No Risk Auction Items

Your Nonprofit organization only purchases an Experience after the fundraising event, and only after it has been successfully sold to a Winning Bidder. A Fundraising Specialist will work with you to determine a minimum auction price for each package, giving you control over how much you make. If you don’t reach the minimum bid during your charity auction, no transaction with Winspire takes place. This guarantees you profit on items sold and makes all our Experiences 100% No Risk.


How Winspire Works

  1. Select Experiences

Start by browsing our wide selection of 200+ Experiences at Winspireme.com, then select the packages likely to have wide appeal among your donors. When you’re ready to begin, add items to your online Suitcase*. Your designated Fundraising Specialist is here to help you figure out which travel packages best suit your audience.

  1. Offer Them At Your Event

Pay nothing upfront. You only purchase the Experiences that sell for the profitable price you set – it really is no risk! Every dollar you raise above the package price goes to your cause. Plus, nearly all Winspire packages can be sold multiple times, during and after your event.

  1. Tell us what sold

After your event, tell us how many of each Experience sold and enter the names and emails of your winning donors. We will send an invoice for the total cost of those packages within 3 business days. Once we receive payment from your Nonprofit, redemption vouchers are automatically sent to Winning Bidders so they can begin redeeming their Experience.

  1. Winning Bidders Redeem

Once they have received their Booking Voucher, your Winning Bidders have everything they need to redeem their Experience. We take care of everything, reserving down to every last detail to ensure your most important patrons are raving about their trip at your next event!


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