There two things for certain – people love to getaway and people love to support your cause.  One of the best things you can do at your auction is combine those two things.


Nashville is a top US Vacation spot

When your guests buy a getaway at an auction they feel great for two reasons:

  1. The money they spent for the getaway (often spending well over value) is going to do great things for your non-profit.
  2. They are receiving a getaway to a popular location, a place they love, or maybe they are trying something new, and who doesn’t love to travel.

According to Luxury Travel magazine 80% of winning bidders set aside $5k a year for travel, and 53% set aside $10k.  Wow!  And just think that money could be going to your organization.



Chateau Fairmont – Lake Louise

At Kilbreath Auctions we work with some great companies that can get you that special getaway your auction needs.  The best thing about consigned auction travel packages:

The auctioneer can sell multiple trips to maximize your earnings

You don’t have to pay for the item, until it sells – No-risk items with reserve bids


There a couple of things we suggest when selecting getaways.

1) Don’t over-shoot.
  • make sure you put trips in your auction that your audience can afford
  • consider your geographical area and the length of a trip
  • trips that can be done in a long weekend can be very popular
2) Utilize your theme to pick travel destinations.
  • if your theme is Casino Royale, maybe a trip to Monte Carlo, or even closer Las Vegas
  • if your theme is Beach Party, maybe a trip to a Caribbean beach, or even closer California
3) Make sure you have a nice balance of auction items.
  • ensure getaways/travel items are spaced out well in the auction
  • don’t over-do it with getaways
4) Get your consigned trips underwritten.
  • a lot of times donors will want to underwrite something at the auction
  • if it is underwritten, 100% of what we make night of the auction goes to your organization
  • Click HERE if you want some great information about the companies we work with for travel and experience destinations

We researched the events we did last year and came up with the top travel / getaway destinations.


  1. Suncadia
  2. Whistler
  3. Cannon Beach
  4. Walla Walla
  5. Lake Chelan

When looking at drive-to destinations… make sure you are picking something unique.  For example does your Walla Walla package include wine tasting, and a stay at the Marcus Whitman?

How about the ultimate luxury: One of our top selling items last year was a weekend trip to Bandon Dunes on a private jet.


  1. Nashville
  2. Napa Wine Country
  3. Iceland
  4. New York City
  5. Montana Fly Fishing
  6. Alaska
  7. Canadian Rockies
  8. Golf Destinations
  9. Africa
  10. Bali

When working on fly-to packages, make sure it is unique.  What special adventure are you offering that will make your guests feel like they are getting something they couldn’t just buy themselves.  Maybe your New York package includes tickets to Hamilton.  Or your Canadian Rockies trip includes a train ride back to Vancouver, or a ski weekend at Lake Louise.


Suncadia Lodge