Whenever we do procurement rallies for clients we always find some interesting talent that one of the people attending has.  And yes, we can usually turn that around into a great selling live auction item.

You always ask your board about vacation homes, tickets, and who do they know?  And of course those are great questions – because we need those types of items to fill out or live auction.  But what about asking them what talent they have, or what skill they have that others don’t, or what is interesting about them.  You can sometimes find a gem of a live auction item.  That’s how we found out this particular board member had the ability to saber a champagne bottle!   And now this is one of the most popular items at their auction each year.  The winning bidder gets their own sword, and lessons on how to use it!

So ask around, what hidden talents do the parents of your school, or your board members have?  I am sure there is someone with something that we can make money for your organization with.  Just ASK!