As you continue to plan your event this fall, I am hopeful we will be able to take the stage and raise a lot of money for your organization as we have done in the past.  We will all know more information in the next few weeks and Kilbreath Auctions is here with you every step of the way.

Here are a few things to think about – including two new ways to raise money.


HYBRID EVENTS — A hybrid event combines both an in-person gathering for those able, and a virtual component for those who don’t feel comfortable attending an event, but still want to be part of the live event magic.  This way still allows for all of your guests and donors to enjoy the event.

VIRTUAL GALA — It has been so much fun working on these virtual galas.  The most successful online/virtual events still include aspects of your event/live auction.  Meaning we would need to have interaction with guests, a host and MC, a powerful paddle raise video/message, a dynamic powerpoint, and even music.  And we can do that from anywhere.  I am doing an event May 1 from my home, and an event May 15 from the city of Seattle approved event space Canvas with a production crew.  www.virtuallivegala.com.

No matter what type of event we have we will follow guidelines set forth by the CDC and government officials in the city/county/state your event is being held.

PROCUREMENT / MARKETING — I have heard from so many people regarding how hard it is to procure and market their events during this unknown time.  The suggestion from my fundraising friends at Swaim Strategies CLICK HERE FOR MORE is to wait until June to start asking for donations and marketing your fall event.  By June we should have a clear picture of what events are going to look like the fall. Across the country I have seen local travel, wine and spirits, and unique experiences still selling very well.

DONOR ENGAGEMENT — You need funds more than ever.  Whether it is a hybrid, virtual or actual auction in person – the show must go on.  Your donors love your organization and they want to see what you have been up to during this time.  My advice – be in front of your donors and let them know what you have been doing during this time.  Let your donors know how impactful the money you raise is helping those you support.

One way or another let’s continue raising money together… and hopefully it will be in the traditional format we know and love with bid cards raised high in front of all of your donors.  I look forward to exploring these options with you and chatting about your event.


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