COVID-19 has brought many challenges – especially to our fundraising community.  Now more than ever our schools and other non-profit organizations need a platform to continue to raise money.

Since the end of February, when we all started having to think about this reality.  We at Kilbreath Auctions have been studying and researching all sorts of ways to continue raising money for great organizations.  There are many options and so many different ways to do it.  We will continue perfecting this format until we are back on stage in front of your guests.

We can do these events from anywhere… even my living room, as pictured here:


VIRTUAL LIVE AUCTION is easier than you think!  We are able to combine all of the fun elements of your in-person event and people can watch and donate from anywhere!

HYBRID AUCTION combines both an in-person gathering for those able, and a virtual component for those who don’t feel comfortable attending an event, but still want to be part of the live event magic.  This way still allows for all of your guests and donors to enjoy the event.

Introducing “The LIVESTREAM Team!”

Kilbreath Auctions has teamed with Haymaker Media, Adavanza and Jessica Self LLC to bring you an affordable mobile and easy way to bring a broadcast quality production to your guests from the comfort of their homes.

Fundraising, Social Media, Technology and Production experts are ready to take your virtual event to the next level!  We will work with you every step of the way to make this the best event possible – and raise the most possible money for your group.

Mobile virtual auctions are here now, and people are raising money – and in a lot of cases more money then in their in-person live auctions the year before.

Hybrid auctions are the future.  We have so many planned for Summer & Fall 2020, and this team of experts is ready for hybrid events.  We have a variety of ideas and ways to make your event stand-out making people want to watch and be a part of it.

CONTACT THE LIVESTREAM TEAM: stephen@kilbreathauctions.com

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