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The show must go on!  Kilbreath Auctions virtual and hybrid events can be a live show.  There is no reason we can’t recreate the magic of your in-person event in this new format.

Or, how about you imagine your event as a blank canvas?  You can create your new event any way you want!










Some things to think about when planning your virtual or hybrid event:


– This is an opportunity to re-create your event.  You can do whatever you want.  There is certainly a format set up for in-person events, but these hybrid and virtual events are so new, there is truly no right way to do it – there is just your way to do it!

– We will advise you with best practices based on our research, expertise and experience, but let’s think outside the box.  Make it fun, make it unique, and most importantly make your organization’s mission the focus of your event.

– Entertain, engage, fundraise!



– You have an opportunity to get more eyes on your organization, and its mission.

– All of our events have had more potential donors watching then had attended their previous in-person event.

– Attention spans are SHORTER during a live stream then they are in-person.  Let’s create an entertaining, compelling and concise program that: 1) gets to the point, 2) has some fun, 3) gets people out within 30-55 minutes, 4) tells the story of your organization, 5) and where the money is going.

– We can do this by creating a show flow together – and rehearsing.

– Marketing is more important than ever.  Your guests and donors need to know how to bid, where to log-on, what is being sold, and why they need to watch your event.  You need someone dedicated to social media to continue driving home that message.



– We think you should have a co-host.  That person can be someone from our organization or someone from yours.  Think of this person as the item reader, and it gives your auctioneer/event host someone to play off of.

– The Special Appeal or Fund-A-Need should come early in the live show, because that is when we have the most people watching – and we have their attention.

– You need to create a power point for the hosts to use while selling your auction items.  Also, include additional slides with sponsors, and “how-to-bid” messages.

– We need to incorporate a few interactions into the show.  Messages from donors, sponsors, board members, whomever, just like you normally would at your in-person event.  The key, as I said above, is keeping the program focused.

– Create a sense of community with house parties (if allowed,) zoom parties, and pre-recorded messages.

– There are several different ways to sell live items, we help determine which way is best for you.