What an interesting ride 2020 has been! Kilbreath Auctions usually has close to 70 live events a year. This year, things are a little different. We are not unique – Anyone who runs a business has had to come up with a new way of doing what they love.

I have learned so much and am so excited for the future of Hybrid & Virtual Auctions (www.virtualliveauction.com.) Even when we get back on stage we will be incorporating this new way of raising money into live events. And why not? We can get more eyes on your event – which means more money for your organization, and more donors that you can turn into passionate champions for your cause.

The creative types are the ones who will succeed – and we have come up with a lot of great ideas,as have our clients. The fun thing about the 20+ virtual/hybrid events scheduled next month through fall is that these are a blank canvas… we get to create the event that is right for your organization! And we can do just about anything!


This is a picture of the LIVESTREAM Team… JR Mitchell with Haymaker MediaBrian Hurley with Adavanza and Jessica Self with Jessica Self LLC. Together we can create an affordable, broadcast quality show for your fundraiser. And we can do it from anywhere.