GFS Events helps clients raise more money at their events

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GFS Events raises more money for your nonprofit by creating, managing and executing a successful fundraising event.


As a nonprofit, you are short on time, money and staff.  You have aggressive fundraising goals but don’t know how to achieve them because you have a short list of dedicated, albeit overworked, volunteers and/or staff.  Perhaps you have brand new staff or board members who are not familiar with your donors or are just new to fundraising in general.  Maybe your fundraising efforts have plateaued in recent years and you just don’t know how to reach that next level.

GFS Events creates timelines, offers procurement assistance, reaches out to sponsors, produces job descriptions for volunteers and manages the day of event details so that you can connect with your donors and guests and cultivate those relationships which will lead to higher dollars for your event. Your guests, donors and sponsors will thank you for running a well-executed event.  Your board members will thank you for raising the dollars you need to achieve your mission.

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At Stephen Kilbreath Auctions & Events we have worked with GFS Events several times.  What I like about Gazala and her management of events is that she incorporates the clients ideas, her ideas, and the auctioneer’s ideas to create a magical event for her clients.  GFS Events is very easy to work with, and you will see increased revenue…

Meet Auctioneer Jerry Potter


Jerry has hosted auctions on both coasts for everyone from Art Museums to Elementary Schools. He has also worked as a radio host in Seattle, Charlotte, and New York over the last 20 years. He and his wife also ran a community volunteer group called the Volunteer Army. Jerry has hosted live events for 20 years, and his background in Improv allows him to adjust things on the fly and adapt to the audience. He can also balance fun with pulling at the heartstrings to make sure your guests have a great time and make sure your organization hits or exceeds your fundraising goals.



Jerry is a popular auctioneer with many return clients.  He is also available as an Emcee, or can tag team an auction with another auctioneer.  Check out his video below.   To book Jerry at your next auction, call 206-963-7148, or just fill out the CONTACT information.  Let’s get those bid cards high in the air!

National Auctioneers Week – 2018

Who knew there was a week for Auctioneers!  I suppose I should have known, since there is a week for everything.

  • National Hand-Writing Analysis Week (it’s in January)
  • International Flirting Week (it’s in February)
  • National Pancake Week (it’s in March)
  • National Karaoke Week (it’s in April)
  • National Etiquette Week (it’s in May)
    • maybe we should pay attention to this one!
  • National Cheese Week (it’s in June)
  • Air Condition Appreciation Week (it’s in July)

You get the idea!  But it is kind of cool to have a week for the industry.  I am a proud member of the NAA, and the WAA.



I am also a certified BAS (Benefit Auction Specialist) Auctioneer.  What does that mean?  It is a professional designation awarded by the NAA Education Institute.  It means I am up-to-date on the latest trends in fundraising auctions.

Look for my hashtags on Social Media:

  • #kilbreathauctions
  • #naapro
  • #auctionswork





PROFILES #3 – Growing Veterans

We get to work with some amazing non-profit organizations.  From time to time we are going to highlight some of those organizations and the amazing work they do.  The best part of our job is raising much needed funds for great organizations like: GROWING VETERANS


Growing Veterans offers veterans a place where they can safely reintegrate into their communities while learning and practicing sustainable farming. Vets farm beside their families, fellow veterans, and community volunteers recapturing the need to belong to something larger than themselves something military service afforded them, a loss they often sense as civilians. Basically, Growing Veterans offer vets “dirt therapy” within an informal peer-to-peer mentoring model that we are continually improving.

Our innovative approach to helping our fellow veterans is informal because we have seen through practice and research that many veterans are apprehensive to seek formal “supportive services” because of the stigma often attached to seeking help by the military culture. We are excited to say that 2018 and beyond will see renewed efforts on our part to offer strong connections with veterans throughout the Northwest by offering farm tours, workshops, hands-on fieldwork, and classroom training in farming and peer support mentoring.


Our mission:

To empower military veterans to grow food, community, and each other.

Our vision:

To end the isolation that leads to veteran suicide.

Founding Story:

Growing Veterans was founded by a combat wounded USMC veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Christopher Brown, and a former mental health counselor turned farmer, Christina Wolf. Together, they agreed using the farm as the catalyst for human connection and veteran reintegration could have a powerful impact on the health and well being of not only vets returning home, but the world. They were crazy enough to believe it could happen, and just smart enough to pull it off.

Both remain involved behind the scenes with the organization, using their institutional knowledge and professional expertise to advise Growing Veterans’ leadership and programatic direction. Christopher now works full-time as a PTSD counselor for combat veterans at the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, and Christina is in the process of identifying what her next mission will be. We believe it is important to recognize the fact one of them is a veteran, and the other a civilian. Only through the mutual engagement and support between veterans AND civilians, will we see veterans having a complete and holistic transition home into our communities after military service.






Center for Human Services

PROFILES #2 – Zeno

We get to work with some amazing non-profit organizations.  From time to time we are going to highlight some of those organizations and the amazing work they do.  The best part of our job is raising much needed funds for great organizations like:

Zeno is about the infinite possibilities that arise from an individual’s relationship with math. The name ‘Zeno’ honors Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea – one of the first people to talk about the concept of infinity. We believe that when math is engaging, fun and accessible it can have a transformational impact on a person’s life.

Every child deserves to be great at math. It is the foundation for a lifetime of learning. But not all kids have access to the same opportunities to develop competence and confidence in math early in life. This creates an opportunity gap that is leaving some students behind. If we can step in and encourage a love for math early in a child’s life, everything can change.

In 2016-2017, Zeno served over 2,000 kids and the adults in their lives, including:

  • 500 families in 17 classrooms and 5 home visit programs through our MathWays for Early Learning program
  • 600 kids and their family members at 5 Family Math Night events
  • 800 kids and their family members at Math & Science Mashup events in partnership with the Pacific Science Center
  • 500 kids and their family members at 2 MathFest events

In addition, families and educators participating in Zeno programs saw a positive impact on the children in their lives:

“Going to MathFest showed our kids that everyone can have fun with math. It also made them see that math is more than manipulating numbers…I had to promised I’d put the next one on our calendar to get the kids to leave!” – Parent after attending MathFest

“When I told families about the partnership, they were so thrilled. Just seeing their smiles and excitement about receiving math games for the home was so exciting!” – Pre-K classroom teacher participating in MathWays for Early Learning



Want Check-In / Check-Out To Run Smoothly?

If you answered YES… you should contact Streamline Support.   Providing Event Tech Support and Computer Rentals


One of the toughest things about an event is making sure the check-in / check-out process runs smoothly.  There are a lot of companies that provide services, but the one I have never had a complaint about is Streamline Support.


Streamline Support offers fundraising event support and equipment rentals to nonprofits all across the country.  They also make sure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.


Another cool thing… they provide all the equipment and staff to make sure everything is done properly.  Let the professionals handle it, so you can be freed up at your event to cultivate relationships with your donors.



Top 10 tips TO DO and NOT TO DO in asking for donations

auctria-logo-1342x349Our friends at Auctria have come with a great list of things to DO an NOT TO DO when asking for donations.  My advice is always to do MINDFUL PROCUREMENT.  Do not ask for things you don’t really want.  Get the best items for your guests.  What do your guests want to buy?  Go after those items.  Remember, this isn’t a garage sale.  You want the right items for your guests.  Here is Auctria’s Top 10 tips TO DO and NOT TO DO in asking for donations:



Check out Auctria’s PINTREST board below.  Also, you may enjoy reading another article that has great advice on  how to procure… and what to procure – and be successful at it.

Auction Donations

Auctria is dedicated to providing affordable tools to help groups of any size run successful fundraising auctions.

Auctria was born out of the need to handle an annual school auction that had grown too big to be shuffling pieces of paper or Excel files around. A solution was needed to keep track of the details, and help ensure an efficient and smooth fundraising event. Cost was a factor, so we needed something that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Since 2011 we have enabled auctions from the very small to ones that raised well over $200K and continue to add new features in response to user feedback.



We believe that easy to use but powerful & flexible tools should be available to all groups to meet and exceed their auction fundraising goals. Auctria is a user-friendly, practical website for running silent, live, or online fundraising auctions.


PROFILES #1 – Center for Human Services

We get to work with some amazing non-profit organizations.  From time to time we are going to highlight some of those organizations and the amazing work they do.  The best part of our job is raising much needed funds for great organizations like:

CHS Logo Name and Tagline_

Center for Human Services believes the most critical element to strengthening a community is to support individuals with preventive and responsive, culturally competent programs.  CHS accomplishes this strengths-based, integrated approach by encouraging participants’ personal success and by creating opportunities for each to develop individual skills. CHS works with children, adults and families to acknowledge and respond to basic needs by empowering clients and participants to identify and draw upon their personal strengths and capacity for growth, in order to help create change.  CHS serves mostly low-income individuals and families, many being immigrants or those disenfranchised in some way.  CHS contributes to a healthy and vibrant community by encouraging positive mental health, preventing and treating addictions, supporting youth academic success, assisting parents’ engagement in their children’s learning , and strengthening relationships together with parenting skills.

Center for Human Services


Dessert Dash How-To, and How-To Raise More Money!

I have been doing some video tutorials lately… Here are two videos on Dessert Dash’s.  The first one is in case you don’t know what a Dessert Dash is.  And the second is ideas/tips on how to increase revenue on your Dessert Dash.

Dessert Dash is some of the easiest money in the room on the night of your event, especially if it is done right.

Feel free to call if you have any questions regarding Dessert Dash.  Enjoy the videos!


Spin To Win! A New Turn On The Wine Grab

Ahhh yes, it’s an old classic – The Wine Grab.  It’s where your guests pay a certain amount and win a wrapped bottle of wine that may or may not be at the value they just paid.  It’s fun and often times they sell out quickly.  Why?  Because they are at a price point that everyone can afford, and who doesn’t want to leave with something… even if it is a bottle of wine.

We now see so many variations of this popular game:

  • Wine Pull
  • Wine Ring Toss
  • Putt For Wine
  • Wine Bingo
  • Cork Pull
  • Mystery Wine
  • Wine Wall
  • Plinko
  • Wine Cooler Treasure Chest

Wine Grab - Wine Wheel

And of course – The Wine Wheel.  It’s a chance for your guests to “Spin to Win!” You can see the wheel in this picture.  This client was charging $50 a spin.  On the table next to the wheel was a bottle of wine or a spirit next to a number.  If the guest landed on #1, they got the bottle that was on the #1 spot.  After #1 was gone they added another bottle, and so on.  The good thing is they were able to add new bottles as people won.  In fact, they added a $200+ bottle of Dom Perignon about half way through, which encouraged people to spin again, increasing their revenue on the Wine Wheel.  This wheel is available to our clients on a first come first serve basis free of charge!  You can decorate it any way you want.  Let us know if you have any further questions regarding the wine wheel, any other wine games, or other revenue enhancers for your event.