When it comes to helping you raise money for your non-profit, we're happy to share what we know.

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Making Virtual Events A Reality

COVID-19 has brought many challenges – especially to our fundraising community.  Now more than ever our schools and other non-profit organizations need a platform to continue to raise money.  Kilbreath Auctions along with PNTA and CANVAS Event Space have partnered to...

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Virtual Live Gala

Spring is the busiest time for fundraising events. New rules on how many people can gather together to help stop the spread of COVID-19 have put a halt to auctions and other gatherings this season. You have done so much work procuring items and getting people excited...

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We Are Ready – For When We Can Gather!

Kilbreath Auctions has been working with our great non-profit and school partners as they postpone and reschedule their spring fundraising events. Some great auctioneers across the country are doing the same and we are all working together to handle the scheduling...

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Spring 2019 – Wow! Raised A Lot Of Money!

We had an amazing spring auction season.  It is great to see our clients growth year-to-year.  It is also a great feeling to get re-booked for 2020.  If you are in need of an auction team for  Spring 2020 - very limited dates are still available.  Here are some random...

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After a recent event it is nice to get emails like this: "Stephen, you were absolutely phenomenal at the Camp Rosenbaum auction last week. You were personable with the guests, wicked funny and read the room with perfection. I attended a different fundraiser Saturday,...

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Silent Auction Tips

Silent Auctions are a lot of work.  In fact, they are the most work for the least amount of return at your event.  If you procure $20,000 worth of silent auction items on average the national return is $10,000 or 50%.  In the Pacific Northwest, we can expect $15,000...

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