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Ask An Expert! And One Sentence Everyone Should Remove From Their Vocabulary.

Keeping things fresh for your guests is one of the best ways to ensure they continue to donate and engage with your organization. Things to consider revamping each year include: Read more.

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Capture every bid with superior event services and an experienced Event Manager. Our experts have developed a streamlined check-in, check-out, and data entry process that gets your guests in, bidding, and on their way with ease. Read more.

We Have Big News!

You asked, we listened. Kilbreath Events is now offering comprehensive event planning! You choose how involved you want to be then let our expert event specialists integrate seamlessly into your team. Read more.

Is An Auction The Right Format For Your Event?

A traditional benefit auction bay not be the best fit for your community or organization. Let our professionals guide you through one of the many alternative fundraising formats! Read more.

Learn 5 Ways To Increase Revenue At Your Next Event

Join us and Auctria on Wednesday, September 28, at 10am for a free 45-minute webinar! We’ll discuss 5 specific tactics you can use to increase revenue at your next event. Read more.

Working With The Right Team Matters

The Kilbreath Events team is known for increasing revenue. On average, we earn your organization 231% of value during the live auction. Read more.

A Bumpy Check-in Process Can Diminish Fundraising

Attendees who have a smooth check-in will spend more money. Read more.

Do You Have Everything You Need For A Successful Event?

Creating a smooth event is no easy task. There are so many aspects that go into creating a seamless evening so that it is both memorable for guests and highly profitable for your organization. Read more.

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