We have formed some great relationships with businesses that want to help you make more money at your next event.

Below are just some the the businesses we work with.  Software, Event Management, and Technical support. If you are looking to take your event to the next level, make sure you contact one of these groups.  I would be happy to assist with facilitating a meeting or phone consultation.

In the drop down menus you can learn more about some great companies that provide trips for fundraisers, and information about our A/V company.

Good luck, good bidding, and let’s raise a lot of money together!




Whatever cause is your passion — Greater Giving solutions can help you be more effective in your fundraising efforts.  Greater Giving™ is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, with satellite office across the U.S.  Our solutions are designed exclusively for nonprofits and schools— enabling them to raise more funds with mobile bidding, online registration and donations, event management software, payment processing and peer-to-peer fundraising tools.


Auctria is dedicated to providing affordable tools to help groups of any size run successful fundraising auctions.  Auctria was born out of the need to handle an annual school auction that had grown too big to be shuffling pieces of paper or Excel files around. A solution was needed to keep track of the details, and help ensure an efficient and smooth fundraising event. Cost was a factor, so we needed something that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  We believe that easy to use but powerful & flexible tools should be available to all groups to meet and exceed their auction fundraising goals. Auctria is a user-friendly, practical website for running silent, live, or online fundraising auctions.




Streamline Support offers fundraising event support and equipment rentals to nonprofits across the country.  Streamline Support is made up of talented technicians specifically trained to anticipate and address the unique challenges of fundraising events. We know the software you’re using and how to maximize it. We’ve worked hundreds of auctions and charity events and have navigated the complexities without losing our cool.




As a nonprofit, you are short on time, money and staff.  You have aggressive fundraising goals but don’t know how to achieve them because you have a short list of dedicated, albeit overworked, volunteers and/or staff.  Perhaps you have brand new staff or board members who are not familiar with your donors or are just new to fundraising in general.  Maybe your fundraising efforts have plateaued in recent years and you just don’t know how to reach that next level.

GFS Events creates timelines, offers procurement assistance, reaches out to sponsors, produces job descriptions for volunteers and manages the day of event details so that you can connect with your donors and guests and cultivate those relationships which will lead to higher dollars for your event. Your guests, donors and sponsors will thank you for running a well-executed event.  Your board members will thank you for raising the dollars you need to achieve your mission.


We see every event as an opportunity. We first look to the future and identify the goals that your event can achieve. Once goals are set, we begin to develop the plan to reach them. We then offer teaching and coaching so that your team learns as we plan. We manage the details, logistics and are onsite working hand-in-hand with your team and volunteers to assure that we reach those goals. We believe in telling your story, connecting donors to your mission and producing an event that is compelling and exciting for your guests.