Experienced Auctioneers & Emcees

Kilbreath Events has a team of auctioneers and fundraising event professionals ready to take the stage and exceed your financial expectations. Our style is entertaining, engaging, and conversational. Our auctioneers and event professionals will meet with you, strategize with you, and come up with ideas to make you even more money at your next benefit auction or fundraising event. Book online today.

Comprehensive Event Planning

You choose how involved you want to be then let our expert event specialists integrate seamlessly into your team. We’ll take the lead on the cumbersome, time consuming tasks so all you have to do is say “yes” or “no.” Our team will:

  • Creating and manage your budget
  • Conceptualize and execute an original theme
  • Booking the perfect venue
  • Liaise with vendors
  • Secure sponsorships
  • Oversee procurement
  • Plan your Special Appeal or Raise The Paddle
  • Assess procured items and offer procurement suggestions
  • Arrange selling order of your live auction items
  • Set a timeline and Run of Show for your event
  • Brainstorm other fundraising ideas to complement your event
  • Help in determining roles for your volunteers
  • Help decide themes, venues, and caterers

Check-In & Check-Out

  • Provide a streamlined check-in and check-out process for your guests
  • Make sure lines are limited at check in and check out
  • Provide data entry for your event into using your software of
  • Ensure your event runs smoothly
  • Event Assistant and Recorder (included for all events)
    • Records all live auction winning bidders
    • Records all the bid numbers during Raise The Paddle or Special Appeal
    • Collects and adds up all the Dessert Dash bid sheets
    • Will let auctioneer know about items in the silent auction that need highlighting

Sound, Tech, Hybrid & Virtual Events

  • For live, in-person, and hybrid events a superior sound system is required. If you need additional sound for silent auction rooms, or need your entire event set up with sound, we’ve the equipment, team, and expertise you need.
  • Our crew has decades of broadcast experience. We take care of everything for your virtual event: cameras, lighting, sound, graphics, and more.
  • Let our production crew help create a polished Special Appeal video for your next paddle raise or fund-a-need.
  • We can livestream your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event which gives more donors the opportunity to donate at your event. We handle the streaming and auction software integration.

Other Fundraising Event Services

    • Event Manager
      • Trains your volunteers
      • Oversees the check-in and check-out process
      • Oversees data entry of auction items
      • Ensures your event runs smoothly
    • Emcee and Item Reader
      • Trained Auction Emcee
      • Experienced working fundraising events
      • Experienced public speaker trained to engage your audience
      • Help plan timeline  and run-of-show
    • Bid Assistant / Spotter
      • Assists auctioneer in getting bids during the live auction to ensure none are missed
      • Please Note: If your auction is “in-the-round” 4 bid assistants / spotters are required
      • Please Note: If your auction has more the 350 guests additional bid assistants / spotters may be required

Vacation Packages & Experiences

Did you know there are vacation and experience packages you can auction off at no risk to you? We can help you secure them far below retail value, and you only pay for them if they sell at your event. Learn more here.

Social Media & Marketing

  • Create and manage event-specific pages on social media.
  • Market your event on social media platforms using organic and/or paid media.
  • Get more of your donors to engage with your event online.
  • Create a social media plan months before your event to build enthusiasm, maximize reach, and increase engagements.

The Anti-Auction

If a traditional benefit auction isn’t a good fit for your community or organization, let our fundraising professionals guide you through one of these many alternative event formats!

  • Trivia Nights
  • Bingo Nights
  • Bowling Tournaments
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Dance Parties and Silent Discos
  • Private Charters
  • Wine Tastings
  • And more!

Corporate Events, Podcasts, Voice Overs & More

Our dynamic team offers an array of non-fundraising services including:

    • Professional Voice Acting
    • Processional Voice Overs
    • Podcast guest appearances
    • Podcast recording equipment
    • Event Hosting and Emceeing for non-fundraising events
    • Corporate Event Services

Spice up your next corporate event with a professional emcee! Professional emcees keep your guests engaged and your event running smoothly. Our team consists of tv personalities, radio hosts, models, actors, business professionals, and other down to earth and relatable professionals. Let our engaging emcees:

      • Serve as the primary voice or co-host at your next conference or seminar
      • Clearly and concisely communicate need-to-know logistics and details
      • Introduce key guests and speakers
      • Smoothly transition attendees from one portion of the event to the next.

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