Stephen Kilbreath
Stephen Kilbreath

Stephen has been a fundraising auctioneer since the early 90s, calling hundreds of auctions. Auction work has taken him across the country – with most of the auctions in the Northwest.  Not only is Stephen a top benefit auctioneer – his name may be familiar because of his long broadcasting career.  He was on morning radio for more than 20 years – bringing him into people’s homes every morning.  Currently he can be seen on KING-5 television. Stephen is a brand in his own right that your auction guests will recognize and respect!

Stephen’s sincerity, authenticity and terrific understanding of benefit auctions makes him stand out.  His style is entertaining and conversational – making it an enjoyable and memorable evening for your guests. Stephen excels at connecting and reading his audiences, all resulting in generating the most revenue possible for his auction clients.

Stephen Kilbreath has also been designated by the National Auctioneers Association as a BAS (Benefit Auctioneer Specialist.)  Less than 1% of auctioneers nationally have achieved that designation!  See Stephen’s video HERE or on the VIDEO page of our website.


Jerry Potter, Seattle Benefit Auctioneer
Jerry Potter

Jerry has hosted auctions on both coasts for everyone from Art Museums to Elementary Schools. He has also worked as a radio host in Seattle, Charlotte, and New York over the last 20 years. He and his wife also ran a community volunteer group called the Volunteer Army. Jerry has hosted live events for 20 years, and his background in Improv allows him to adjust things on the fly and adapt to the audience. He can also balance fun with pulling at the heartstrings to make sure your guests have a great time and make sure your organization hits or exceeds your fundraising goals.

See Jerry’s video HERE or on the VIDEO page of our website.

Austin Sheely

Austin emceed his fist event in 2008, combining a lifelong history of volunteer work and fundraising with training in acting and commercial speaking.  As an auctioneer he has a voice and presence that will command your audiences attention, and a relentlessly positive energy that will keep them entertained and bidding.  Austin’s dedication to the organization he is working for, and his night-of auctioneer skills make him a favorite among many organizations.

See Austin’s video HERE or on the VIDEO page of our website.


Joanne Bottenberg

Joanne has been in the charity auction business for more than 20 years. She brings vast experience and knowledge about event coordination, organizing volunteers, creating pre-acution and day of auction timelines, banking, registration, silent and live auctions.Joanne’s creativity and experience helps bring new ideas to every auction, and her passion for planning and preparation ensures a successful event every time!


Curt Kruse

Curt Kruse has been entertaining a large audience on STAR 101.5 in Seattle for more than a decade. He is also a very popular club DJ and DJ’s many events including New Year’s Eve at The Space Needle. He loves working with a group to get the right sound for your event. Curt also can work with a group to get the right mix of music. He knows what will work to create the best atmosphere for your event.

A superior sound system is REQUIRED for all events. If you need additional sound for silent auction rooms, or need your entire event set up with sound, Curt can take care of you.

425-905-TUNE (8863)


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