Terry Hollimon’s amazing work in local media, his strong reputation, his previous nonprofit work, and his conversational style really aligned him with the Kilbreath Events team. 

While many people know Terry from his time spent on the UW football team, what you might not know is that he is a complete trivia nerd (especially Jeopardy!) and he’s involved in the local arts and music scene. When he was in high school, he qualified for the state track meet, but instead chose to do a play with some wonderful and talented people, and loves recounting that experience! 


Terry is not new to fundraising, in fact, he enjoys supporting causes that give young people the opportunity to participate in theater arts. He loves an interactive event, and at a recent auction there were actors playing moveable statues during the cocktail hour and it was such a great way to showcase the talent at this theater. Terry finds joy in supporting causes that fund the goals and dreams of young people. 


With his belief that charity begins at home – he extends that to fundraising builds stronger communities – if it empowers people in our community – he is all for it. He understands that if we don’t support our local nonprofits, many will slip through the cracks and the causes they serve will suffer. He works tirelessly to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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